Thursday, June 04, 2009

Happy place

Everyone has a happy place. A place (you may have more than one) where you feel at one with the world. I have one, its here...

Yes its under Molly. Its a little bit dark, quite cool and remarkably clean. I popped under there tonight to tighten up the shock absorber bolts.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a nasty surprise...

Yeah a little pool under the wheel and a soggy tyre - that's there is brake fluid and it shouldn't be doing that. Hopefully its a loose connection (its the corner where I replaced a brake cylinder a few months ago).

'twas a busy evening and I managed to get a little work done on Jessica too. A few months ago (again) I got a modified inlet manifold so I could fit an SU HIF 44 carb. These carbs are much more efficient that the existing Zenith, so should improve performance and reduce fuel consumption. As the manifolds are off (due to the failed gasket and cracked exhaust manifold) , I could think about fitting the new carb and manifold.

Looks nice doesn't it? There are a few things which need sorting before it can be properly fitted. Like how to fit the air filter. There ain't a lot of space, so a cheeky card patten was required to make up a plenum chamber thing to allow the filter to be fitted at a right angle to the carb.

I can't fit it yet as I have a bit of a problem with the exhaust manifold. The existing one needs some modification and I don't have the facilities to braze cast iron, to its going to have to wait. So the old manifold/carb combo is going back on. Its all pretty clean and works well so it should be OK for a bit.

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