Thursday, January 31, 2008

Little Yellow car meet Big White Bus

I seem to have bought a new toy!!
1976 commer camper, in need of a clutch and a tidy up and it now has a new home (well it will do when I get it home)

Just as molly was getting closer to the open road!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bo!(nnet) Selecta!

I seem to have something resembling a car in the garage...

two wings and a couple of doors to go.

the doors and the rear wing need painting though, so I'll be waiting for another nice day to get the paint blown on. I'm sure the neighbours won't mind (I'll try to make it when they are not having someone viewing the house!)

Some wiring has gone into the boot. I'm sure there are only 6 wires required (2xbrake, 2x lights, number place light and one for the fuel gauge) but I have 7. I did label them all, but the labels are now all soggy and I can't read the writing!

Is everything going to be together for the summer - should I book an MOT? Will I get distracted by a new arrival? Stay tuned to find out!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Bling bling

After getting nicely chilled out at my Yoga class tonight, I wasn't really up for swearing and huffing and puffing in the garage so it was time for some relaxed buffing...

and as DJ is photographing my dinner every night I decided I should have a play too!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Booty call

Today I was mostly fitting the boot! it wasn't as straight forward as it should have been as the aperture isn't quite the shape it should be. But it seems ok now. But the boot lid paint is loads worse than I thought...

I got the rear door back on, but it got a fair wallop when it fell over so theres another thing to fix

And of course I scratched the Pillar paint work when I was putting it on :o(

I have been looking at extending the fleet though....


Saturday, January 26, 2008

So while the garage dries and the paint sets its probably time to get the todo list updated...

  • flat the paint
  • install the fuel tank
  • install the towbar
  • install towbar electrics
  • fit the wings x2
  • refit the rear door
  • add lots and lots of soundproofing
  • lots and lots and lots of rustproofing
  • carpets in
  • seats in
  • dash bits in
  • bonnet on
  • replace the loom
  • get the engine running
  • stick the back bumper on
there are also a few things which need to be painted ...
  • both drivers side doors
  • rear wing
  • the other spat
  • the driver side gutter (once some sealant is in it!)
  • the rear bumper
  • the boot again...
and there are obviously a few things to buy
  • headlining
  • light switch (the other one fell apart on removal!)
  • interior rear arch covers
  • windscreen rubbers
and some nice to haves!
  • a cover (probably a very good idea!)
  • white wall tyre trims (always wanted some of them!)
  • a trailer for camping trips and rallys
so near and yet so far!

Rain rain go away...


The progress at LYC central hasn't been to good recently, and is usually pretty bad in the winter, mainly due to the shonky garage. Its a rather nasty Marley concrete panel single garage with a leaky roof and a propensity for condensation.

The main problem however is the lack of drainage in front of the garage door...

The slight angle on the floor means that the flooding is limited to the left hand side, but that is where I usually keep all the stuff I'm working n :o(. Duckie is happy though!


Monday, January 21, 2008

A few more piccies including the engine bay, I keep popping out to the garage and grinning like an idiot!



Sunday, January 20, 2008

And finally... having a little paint left over I decided to splash a little more paint around!

The bootlid got a few coats, but as it was an impromptu bit of work, well the prep wasn't really up to scratch, quite lumpy and, in need of a splodge more stopper. It'll do for the time being though.

And I found some other bits in the back of the garage while I was tidying which needed a splash of paint too - yes they are spats!

I got them made up about 10 years ago by a chap called Iain who is based outside Manchester, he is making panels for a living now:

Big thanks to the Mrs for Tea and cakes throughout this weekend

Should look nice when everything else is sorted!

I know there are loads of you out there waiting for the results ;o) (I know I'm talking to myself!)
So here we go...

A little orange peely, but I ain't complainin...

Shiny shiny !


We're on a roll! After the success of yesterday's painting (kinda) I decided I'd have another go today.

First I had to move Mol to the other side of the garage, then I could flat down the dribbly bits and dust, and then do lots of masking, the kids helped and Moo was particularly good at holding the paper and taping down. Rory just got confused with the masking tape.

Anyway once everything was masked, I banished the kids and got on with the cleaning.
I learned from yesterdays tragic events and blew down all the mucky corners (A,B and C pillars) and vacuumed everything too.

I decided to use the big gun today which turned out to be a lot better and meant I didn't need to keep refilling all the time!

I've just popped in for a cuppa so its time to go and see what's what...


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Progress! Quite a lot has been going on this weekend. After a teeny window in the rain, I decided to take the opportunity to do some painting. And the results aren't too bad. Well at least its yellow.

I managed to spill a load of paint, mix up some with panel wipe (its not the same as thinners!) Blow up a load of dust out of a scabby corner and get 101 runs ,but apart from that, success :o)
The boot is looking pretty good too, shame it'll be be all covered up!


Saturday, January 05, 2008

No pics today, but lots of progress, a fair amount of filling and flatting on the rear 1/4 and the rear shock absorbers have gone on again. Also the lowering blocks are off. This is in an attempt to make her more drivable, cause the exhaust to fit properly and stop brake pipes getting squished!

I'm getting ready for some paint now (which I'm going to be doing myself!). The plan is to paint the interior and boot, the windows can then be masked off and the rear 1/4 done and finally the off side and front panel (three lots!) a load of paint supplies are on order from Ebay at the moment. I'll publish the progress as soon as the weather improves!