Saturday, November 29, 2003

Well yesterday saw the first blat around the lanes for a few months, and what jolly good fun it was! Except for the rain... and lack of wipers... the usual wiggling of wires and reving of the engine gave no joy, so I investigated further and found that the motor was completly dead - not nothing - even when connected straight up to the battery. So I took it off for further investigation.

After a few hours of playing and cleaning and working out that the later motor I had some bits for would not fit, I gave up and turned my attention to the inner wing that had been revealed by taking the motor off. What a mess! It had been repaired very badly in the past (OK I admit it - it was me - I was young and foolish and needed a daily driver) and the inner wing to flitch strengther was badly bent and rusty too (ok me again - mental note - don't lower your minor on standard torsion bars)

Well at least I won't be bored this winter


Friday, November 28, 2003

I took the day off work today to get a service done on the Golf, which was pretty cool as I had to stay at the house all day - and the garage is close enough isn't it!

I got the brakes back on and bled, and the hand brake on. The exhaust was a seroius pain in the bum, it never really fit properly so I had an extra go at it. I took a couple of inches off the centre section so I could get the over axle part up a little more. It seems to have done the trick.


Saturday, November 08, 2003

I managed to get the axle in place this evening and carefully tighen it all up. I'm keen to make sure that it is tightened up evenly - it was a bit of a pain tightening up all the U bolts, anti-tramp bars and tele shocks, but I got it done! Just the brakes now!


Monday, November 03, 2003

Its been a while since I was in the garage, what with the new job and babysitting duties, I finally managed to get myself out there though!

Once both mounts were taken off, I carefully welded on the first one and made a rather good job of it if I do say so myself :o) In order to make sure that the two mounts were mouted properly in relation to each other I carefully put the axle onto the springs and clamped it all up and tack welded the second clamp on. Once the second was on properly I finished up the cleanup and painted it all up nice again!