Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lots of the bodywork has been sorted, however I decided it was probably best to trial fit the new rear offside door. Lucky I did, as it didn't fit. There was something like a 3mm overlap which it quite a lot when its supposed to be a straight swap!

The answer, it turned out, lay in the hinges. The ones from the new door were a slightly different design and which kicked the back of the door out by that 3mm. Once swapped, everything was fine, well better. It was still a little proud, and all t
he bashing made me realize that the end of the gutter was not as fresh as it should be, so a piece had to be made and that was sorted.

The next things on the list are: finishing the welding on the new rear door (the old one was far too bad - see previous posts). Sorting out a front door (new or old decisions decisions..), lots more flatting. I have pretty much decided to get a proper re-spray done, so I'll really just need to do all the filling and priming I think. I'll have to get the interior sorted at some point too.

After this little lot is done, then there is the near side rear door (more of the same I'm afraid). The spare one looks remarkably good, but I'm sure that is not the case!

Will we be on the road for the summer? Not at this rate we won't!