Monday, October 25, 2010

Singing for her supper

Autumn is a time of change, rain and darkness. One of the big things is the garden activity. Basically the garden needs to be cleaned up before winter. Which is our case was a bit of a pain seeing as how I haven't tended the garden for about 3 years.

The other contributing factor was the impeding failure of the fence at the end of the garden, and the fact that the neighbours have just put up a lovely new fence. And ours is rotten.

So first things first. Find the fence. Not completely straightforward as it was lurking behind some very overgrown plants. A very pretty (but overgrown) Buddleja. Which, when it's well tended grows furiously and has beautiful orange flowers. Anyway that's sorted . Then there was the berberis which was making a break for it by working it's way through the dilapidated fence. Well that had to go . And finally the honeysuckle. It was a really mature plant with a lovely gnarly trunk but again years of neglect meant that it had to come out. That and the fact that it's trunk was rotten and it was holding up the bottom rung of the fence.

Of course, I needed a way to get all this stuff to the recycling centre didn't I?