Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The recent mild weather has had me thinking about getting the van on the road again, day dreaming of warm summer evenings, drinking cider and watching the kids run about. I've spent some time over the past couple of weeks (sorry about the lack of posts by the way) to tidy up the interior of the van by re-making some of the cupboard doors. Firstly the glove box doors had some horrid carpet stuck on them, so I've just made up some simple varnished wooden doors to replace them.

Secondly I found all the necessary bits I need to re-manufacture cupboard doors for in the back of the van. The rear corner (where the oven was) and the grille door. The main door is made of ply, with a layer of veneer on top and some 'P' section beading on the edge. So far they don't look too bad (as always don't look too closely). The venner needs to be stained and then varnished and then they'll be ready for the fitting.

All this talk of getting vehicles ready for the summer had me on the phone to get the van insured and I got a top deal from Peter James insurance so I just need to get her taxed now. So after all these thoughts of summer evenings and enjoying classic cars, what is the weather doing ....

yeah it's bloody snowing again...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Progress bit by bit

The ominous noises coming from Molly's engine haven't yet been diagnosed, but I thought a little oil change couldn't go amiss, so Rory and I took to the driveway and did what had to be done. I'm not sure he was too keen to be honest...

The radio in the van is all done too and doesn't look all that bad. I even managed to wire up the ariel (don't tell the Mrs - I can have Radio 4 when we're away)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cut a dash

Dare I say that spring is on its way? Every time over the past few months when I've thought that, a new, thick layer of snow has appeared. Never the less, I managed to get all three cars washed at the weekend, so everything is spic and span. Molly is tucked away in the garage while I wonder about the tappitty noise that is coming from the engine. The valve clearances are OK, but its still rather noisy on tick over. Suggested issues are problems with the tappits themselves, or oil starvation. Neither of which are good or easy to fix, and both of which will limit the reliability of the engine. Oh well, the spotlights look nice...

Monte Carlo rally anyone?

Now time for something with the purists might not like - indeed (although I'm not a purist) I'm not 100% sure about it. This week I've been chopping big holes in the virgin rust free steel that is Jessica's dashboard. My justification is that:
  • the panel is covered with vinyl, so if the radio is to come out then you could weld it up and no one would know
  • the radio will be easier to use (it was under the dash - near my knees)
  • having a usable radio should make the van even more fun
  • its my van so I can do what I like
So far the cutting is a pain, (very noisy) but it will soon be done. Its also a chance to sort out the radio wiring - which was always a little dodgy.

scalpel please nurse