Tuesday, February 17, 2009

good wood

Progress with Jessica is moving along nicely. The overdrive switch went in last night, along with the relay and associated wiring and it seems to work (I can't test it what with not having a working starter motor and all...). So tonight it was time for a bit of work in the living space. Now the problem with camper vans is they have room in side. So attract "stuff". So in order to get on with some of the jobs that needed doing there had to be some tidying.

Nothing got properly finished tonight, but lots of stuff got started. This included, fitting the sink (still need to resize the lid)

fitting the towbar and the electrical socket....

Not quite sure where all the wires go though. Finally, the oven hole reconstruction work began. I've never used a router before, but its pretty straight forward, and quite good fun.

After the routing was done, I turned it off and started tidying up, and I realised that it was a lovely still and warm evening - and the birds were singing! All I need now is to be in a field with a few ciders and my family around me. Am I looking forward to the summer or what?!

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