Monday, February 02, 2009

Cold comfort

ooooh its a bit chilly up here. Scotland is rather well geared up for snow, lots of gritters and snowploughs. But its all looking very pretty now. Problem is it is going to end up slowing down automotive progress. There is something really nice about cars in the snow. Now I'm not talking about accidents and tailbacks, but cars covered in a thick layer of snow. And the slush is horrible, and of course the salt is a nightmare

tucked up in the cold

I remember way back when I was young and foolish, the snow came down nice and thick across the little corner of the Midlands I grew up in. Still, I was determined to make my way across the snowy countryside in Molly to the rowing club disco - the 1/2 hour trip took 2 hours. Of course when I got there, no one else was daft enough to show up, so I had to just turn round and head home again. That's youth for you.

Anyway, back to the here and now. I don't have any classic cars on the road at the moment, but I'm doing my best to remedy that.

Tonight I had a crack at sorting the wiring system. I discovered, (after looking at the wiring diagram properly) that I needed to route one of the contacts to earth via a resistor. I didn't have anything suitable so I used a bolt. Seemed to work ok.

Slight problem with the resistor though.... can you tell what it is?!

I need to get back under the van, get the overdrive adaptor off, put the box together properly and fit it. I'll wait for the snow to melt first though...

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