Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grumpy old man

I am a grumpy old man - its official. Why I hear you say? Well, I've been getting the train to work since Christmas (why when I have 3 cars?!) and the relaxing 30 minute train journey coupled with the 45 minutes walk each way puts me into a chilled out state, and woe-be-tied anyone who spoils that. Oh and people have been winding me up. First, there's Edinburgh council, with their rather rash decision to install trams in the city. This has meant that most of the city's streets have been ripped up to allow the services to be moved. It was this ripping in fact that has caused my defection to public transport in the first place. Anyway this disruption was causing traffic chaos (unsurprisingly), but it has now spread to the foot paths, which is ridiculous. If no one can move around the city, what is the point of having it? Lets not mention the World heritage status...

The second source of grumpiness is some of my fellow rail travelers. Edinburgh Waverly station has an automatic barrier system. You pop a valid ticket in, the barrier opens and you get on the train. Except the idiots who choose to use the station seem to enjoy sticking invalid tickets into the machine, over and over again, preventing me getting to the train and enjoying another installment of New Scientist.

The third (but certainly not final) group of irritants are cyclists - not all cyclists you understand. I like to consider myself a cyclist (although that would actually require riding my bike wouldn't it?). Its the ones who decide to ride on the pavement. Its selfish, dangerous and illegal. Come on guys, we're all in this together. Its OK though some of them are getting their just deserts.

Anyway, this isn't about commuting or bikes - its about cars, so whats been happening in the garage? Well Jessica has had her cover removed (so it has started raining)- the new starter has been fitted (and works really well - thanks Martin!) The engine works and (because the wheels are in the air) the gearbox and overdrive have been tested and seem to be good too! The overdrive relay earth problem happened again and it took the fuse out (glad the fuse was there!) so I fitted the second hand one I got and it seemed to work fine. The earth for the trailer board is on now too, so I just need to sort the right hand side indicator wire, which could be a bit of a pain.

Once the wheels are on the ground, I can get Molly out of the garage and do the finishing bits for her, like bleeding the brakes, windscreen trim and finishing the seat belts.

Now I need to get some insurance, sort Jessica's interior and get out there and have some fun!

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