Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm not a Geek but...

If I were a Geek (and I don't think I am) this would be how to manage me. All those who don't want to be managed this way (with respect) say I... no didn't think there would be anyone.

Anyway that's not important right now. What is important is the wonderful world of garage projects.

The Commer gearbox project is moving along a-pace and tonight's done list is:
  • starter fitted
  • clutch slave cylinder fitted
  • bellhousing bolts fitted
  • Exhaust down pipe fitted
  • and finally (not finally but you know what I mean) the gear change linkage. And I tested it too, and guess what? I think I can get all the gears easily!
Got to remember to put some oil in the box before the test!

and for those of you keenly following Tool Of The Week, this weeks tool is...

Rubberized work gloves. Thin enough to be able to wield a spanner, but pretty warm (especially on top of 2 more pairs of gloves) and only £1.99 from the Spar!

Finally, the wine making project reached its third stage today with the addition of 3 sachets of stuff. None if which I really want to consume and one of which should be kept away from children. Oh yeah appetising.

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DJ said...

Had to LoL when I read your last comments cos', you know, I'm gonna drink it regardless... ^(*-*)^