Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Had a crack at putting Jessica's rear bumper on today. The rear valance looked a little flaky, so I took to it with an angle grinder...


bumper and rear step look good though (and hide the grot!)

and Ruairidh came up trumps and sent some piccies of our trip out with the Austin 7 club I sooo want an Austin 7 now. My dad was telling me how he killed an Austin Ruby .. one less for me to get my hands on :o(

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seven heaven and a breath of fresh Ayr

This weekend saw the first proper family outing with the van and a chance to meet a fellow Commer owner. I got in touch with Ruairidh through the Commer Van Fan forum. He has a highwayman conversion and was out enjoying it and his Austin 7. We met up at the Scottish Austin 7 club's gathering at Loch Lomond. He even let me have a go in the 7 - superb... I want one!

This weekend's main event however was the annual Scottish vegan barbecue. This is hosted by Sylvia, who's husband runs what is probably the best caravan site in western Scotland, walled garden caravan park, set in an old walled garden (surprisingly) it is a little sun trap, with superb facilities - it really is the place to be - Jessica seemed to fit in well too!

Jessica hangs out with the big boys

Can I make it - what do you think?

The barbecue was a lovely relaxed affair with really nice food (including top vegan quiche) and great company.

So once everyone had eaten their fill and was well and truly baked from the sun, we were ready for the trip home. We decided to take the A71 back from Ayr, perfect for relaxed cruising and it took us through some really nice countryside.

Great view from the A71

Sunday, May 04, 2008

You will always find me in the carpark at carshows *

Today was our first foray into the Scottish classic show circuit. It was held at the National Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride. It was also a nice opportunity for a trip out with Jessica. The cars were just in the car park so it meant that we had to use the overspill car park - or a field as I like to call it. Fine apart from the fact that it was really wet and Jessica has no weight over the rear wheels so we had some serious wheel spin action
As it was a bit wet we decided to go round the museum until it dried out and it turned out to be rather good. After that it was time for the obligatory chips from the scabby dog burger van and a run around in the agricultural themed play area. Why weren't there things like this when I was 5?

Oh yeah the cars, well the Scottish Morris minor owner's club were there in force with a nice array of cars (not a fan of the traveller pick up though!). I carefully avoided eye contact as I'm so ashamed of Molly being off the road for so long.The mini clan had a very nice display, including some very nice cars like early coopers , a traveller and a very tidy clubman estate.
So what we're my faves? A SAAB 96 is always nice to see, but the estate version (with kid seats in the back) is superb. This Arbarth thing (FIAT 124 Spider I think) has lots of nice race stuff on. And the Opal Monza next to it is ace.

My fave though has to be this Spitfire 4, pretty rare, but a lovely car and something I can see myself owning - one day...In all a fun day out!

* apologies to JonaLewie