Friday, November 20, 2009


After being laid up for a few weeks and fiddling with radio controlled models, the full sized project vehicles have started backing up.

Molly has been pressed in to service as a daily driver, just like the good old days. Unfortunately (but not wholly unexpected for a 47 year old car) there are a couple of niggly glitches which need to be sorted. Namely the horn and the interior light have stopped working. There is still an annoying clunk from the front suspension and a rattle from the rear. Also, driving through Edinburgh in the rain and dark I have realised that I really do need some kind of wing mirror. I would also like to get under her soon to check out the bodywork/underseal situation before the gritters get busy. All in all though she is doing very, very well.

The same cannot be said however for Jessica, the door repair hasn't been touched for weeks .It needs to be welded up, finished and fitted so she can become semi water tight again. The other door can then come off for some cosmetics, then I can think about taking the windscreen out and painting the front panel (maybe). I also need to lay her up properly, grease everything and trickle charge the batteries. This however is the root of the problem. If Molly is going to get the attention she deserves, then she needs to be in the garage, and there is a broken old Commer in the way. One day I'll have a large, dry, warm double garage to work in, where I can take whichever vehicle I choose... one day...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Jolly Good Wheeze

First up dear readers, an apology. I've not posted for a long long time. This is mainly because I have had very little to post about, which is due in turn to a popular autumn ailment - flu. Plus a chest infection, plus the old favourite - asthma. All rather dull and boring and kept me off my feet and out of the garage for almost three weeks now.

I'm finally getting myself together but as I've been sat around the house I have been pottering a little. The great thing about pottering (one of my favourite pass times you know) is you can get a lot done in very small chunks of time with out getting over tired. The object of the pottering was Dad's model boat which appears to be an Aerokits Sea Scout. There is some footage of one in action here.

Over the past couple of weeks it has been cleaned and the remote control kit fitted. The wood on the cabin roof has been repaired and the little bench seats in the back have been repaired. I fitted the motor (a nice bit of bent stainless sheet) and the RC kit.

rear seats fixed up

New water coolant exhaust (left)

Clockwise from top, RC receiver, battery pack, motor controller and motor.

captain ready for launch

It now needs a few coats of paint on the roof, rear seats and hull and we should be good for some sea (canal) trials. The kids are jolly excited but I've got to be careful I don't become a model boat geek - its easily done.

One of the nice things about not being in the best of health is that taking the train to work is out (I don't have the stamina to make it to the station) so I have to drive Molly to work - shame... I have discovered that the bedroom ceiling needs painting though...