Saturday, October 03, 2009

From Past to Future (in minature)

After the past few weeks of frenzied show-based activity its (probably) time to settle down a bit to home life. Thanks to Rory's glee with model boats and steam engines, I was inspired to have a rummage around in the loft and came up with this little lot.

First up my Mammod traction engine. I got this when I was about 14 (22 years ago!). It has been lurking around the house since I liberated from my parent's house. It got rather grubby over the years, but a few hours with baby wipes and brasso, it was (almost) like new.

Next up is a pop-pop paddle steamer I made from a kit in around 1985. It needs a little tlc, and a still pond on a windless day (that could be tricky round here).

Finally, there is the cabin cruiser. Now this boat has an extra dollop of history. My dad started building this when I was a kid. I have vivid memories of him "running in" (playing with) the 1.5cc diesel engine around 1977. The boat lurked in the shed for years after that, until I found it when I got into model making myself (the mid eighties), when I had a crack at finishing it off. It its almost sea-worthy, but I got a little stuck with the plan to control it. I had a 2 channel RC kit I wanted to fit, but there was no way to control the speed, so the project stalled.

Now its out of the loft again, I'm planning on actually getting it wet. I'm going to replace the diesel engine with an electric motor for more controlability to at least get it going. If anyone knows where I can get an RC controllable carb for a DC Sabre engine please let me know!

I think the kids are old enough to be able to enjoy this little lot without damaging them, or themselves, but I'll keep you posted either way...

Finally, Molly is out of the garage and getting used, which as usual means the garage has immediately filled with stuff! Ho hum better get on with it.


DJ said...

*shakes head despairingly*

Rupert said...

And you'd want me and the kids knocking around the house all day would you?!