Friday, October 09, 2009

What's brown and falls in the autumn?..


Jessica has embarked on her now annual bout of restoration. This has (as usual) begun with no rhyme or reason. Basically it all depends on which way round she is parked when the urge takes me to do some restoration.

So the front panel it is then!

There were a few flaky patches at the front, presumably from stone chips gone bad.

Now this area on the van is a double curvature (sounds exciting!) which basically means I haven't got a cat in hell's chance of making anything that looks vaguely like it. So its another case of throw it together, chuck some filler on and hope it doesn't look like Kryten's head...

One big problem with my classic car restoration hobby is the welding, more precisely the shielding gas. This comes in small disposable bottles which cost around £10 each! If I'm lucky I can get a good few welding sessions out of one, if I'm not lucky (and I have a dodgy Argon/CO2 bottle from Halfords) it can last around 20 minutes... So on Wednesday morning I ordered some I capacity bottles from The Welder's Warehouse. Amazingly they came next day! (it wasn't sent via the Royal Mail)

As I was waiting for the gas and the paint on the patch panels to dry, I tool a look at the fresh air heater vent aperture (a notorious rust trap). Guess what...

On a slightly more cheery note, I took the grille off and and a poke around in the area under the foot well, and was pleasantly to find just a bit of surface rust and a whole load of cheery loveliness! Hoorah!


Alex Holden said...

I've been buying my welding consumables from The Welder's Warehouse for a couple of years and they seem pretty good. I need to get some new welding gauntlets from them because I've worn a few holes in my old ones. I keep forgetting until I pick up a smoking hot lump of steel. :-/

Rupert said...

Welder's Warehouse are rather good. I know that feeling with the gauntlets - I have a number of angle grinder holes in mine. And I often forget to wear them (and have the scars to show it)