Sunday, January 07, 2007

after lots of swearing and cut fingers I've finally managed to get all the welding done, and get cracking on the pretty stuff. This is really quite a small quantity of filler and lots of sanding/flatting. I have got a couple of conflicting views on this 1) filler and primer are porous so always dry sand 2) dry sanding clogs really easily and is a waste of time so wet sand . I went for option 2...

This bit always takes ages, and I'm never happy with it. I have considered getting it done by a pro, but it is rather expesive. so far it as been pretty good. I'm now working on the rear arch (double curvature so really tricky) the guter (fiddly) and the windscreen aperture (should have done it properly last time...)

I have been having problems getting filler and stopper to dry quickly enough. The process is usually
go into the garage of an evening, sand the filler down, look at where the blemishes are fill and then leave it for the next evening.. which means it takes AGES!