Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Selkirk Vintage Show

Rory and I popped over to Selkirk on Sunday to the excellent vintage rally. It was a great show which was nicely squeezed into a quite small field. Apart from the usually selection of single marque club stands, this one stands out with a few really interesting other exhibits. Like this 60's hydroplane up from Cumbria. It runs a flat head V8 with open headers. Sounds superb!

Big engine with a small boat attached

The other big attraction (for me at least) is the steamies. There is a large and thriving steam community in southern Scotland/northern England which moves around to various shows. There's nothing like steam, the sounds and smells are wonderful.

It was just me and Rory at the show, which was nice, bit of father and son bonding. The local model boat club were there and they even let Rory have a go!

All under control

Its always quite strange to find what grabs his attention. This organ had him mesmerised for ages!
Other "Rory Favourites" included the tractors, of which there were loads, in a wide range of restoration. Its nice to see concours vehicles next to vehicles which look as though they have just been dragged out of a barn, cranked up and driven to the show.

For Dad there was a great range of classic bikes, including this really neat Bantam. Did I mention I want one?

anyone for (the) Desert?

Gypsy fire engine

The Scottish MMOC were out in force, nice to see the scene is alive and well north of the border. Now Molly is on the road and usable again I'm going to be get getting a little more involved. First step is going to the AGM on Sunday.

Finally we managed to find the one and only Commer. A very nice RoadRanger conversion which is owned by a chap called Jim. It gets used regularly to lug reclaimed building materials!
Rory can't find the Commer

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