Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lanni Clan

My first car was a teal blue Austin 1300. I was given it by my great aunt when she gave up driving. It vaporised its rear subframe and sills thereby preventing it from getting an MOT, so I never got to drive it on the road (...well maybe once). It was a pretty rubbish car, but it had me hooked. The only kind of car I was interested in was an old one. I spent hours pouring through Practical Classics looking for a replacement. Luckily Molly turned up at a local garage and the rest is history.

My little brother on the other hand, had no such revelation. He needed a car (a suitably slow one for a younger driver) and Dad had an idea. A 1954 series I landrover was sourced. This beast with its 2 litre petrol engine and soft top, neatly transported Jez and his friends around the local countryside to and from the local pubs at a nice sedate top speed of 50 mph (less if you wanted to hold a conversation). When it snowed they often set of round the local lanes with a tow rope, searching for people to help!

To the rescue!

Much like myself, Jez has held on to the lannie - well more precicely Dad has. Over the years it has been tweaked and tinkered with. New parts have been fitted and engines have been rebuilt. It now sports a Fairy Overdrive, making those 50mph conversations a much more reasonable prospect. Jez is now lucky enough to have somewhere to safely store and tinker with it so he has retrived it from Dad's house.

This lannie ain't no garage queen though. These photos were taken at the Malham show a few weeks ago. Where it was earning its keep on a good long distance run.

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