Friday, September 04, 2009

Ich bin ein Schatzbildner....*

Yeah... I got stuff and lots of it.

I had a little tidy in the garage this week, lucky I did as the rain has come down in a big (wet) way which has resulted in a soggy garage floor, inspite of all the water management I have in place - including the indoor guttering (tm). So Molly is nicely tucked away in the garage where I can have a look at the leaky screen seal, the scratches and the mucky engine bay (you can't have mucky engine bay now can you?).

While I was tiding up I (re)found this...

Its the instruction leaflet for a thing bought about 10 years ago. The thing is a car vacuum cleaner from way back when. It is powered by the exhaust of a running car (presumably the one you are cleaning). The idea is that you stuff the the adaptor up the exhaust pipe and the flow of gas out of the exhaust causes a reduction of pressure in the cleaner hose, allowing you to clean the carpets of your pride and joy. Nice. I've never used it as I'm scared of putting things up exhaust pipes. But it's pretty cool nevertheless.

I have the whole appliance in its (tatty) box with the instruction manual, which I'd like to think it's worth a bit, but to be honest (like much of the tat I have filled my home/garage with) I just like owing it.

In other news... The modern world we live in allows us to not have to speak to some one to be in touch. We can read their tweets, monitor their blogs, be their facebook friend and generally know they are there without actually being speaking to them. I have a friend called Meg, who is a New Media bigwig and knows a lot about the web and that. Her most recent blog post details the rise and rise of Blogging and Tweeting. As an innocent bystander of both of these phenomena, I'd be interested to know where the LittleYellowCar fits into the TechoSciocio-timeline.

Interested, but not interested enough to actually pick up the phone and ask Meg what she thinks.

*I'm a hoarder... in German

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