Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The wheels on the van..

...are on the ground!

I was going to put them down last night, but I realised that every time I got into the van I had been moving something out of the way. It was a tin of underseal. I had left it there to remind me that I needed to stick a coat on while the wheels were up. So last night I went round all the accessible bits and painted them with hammerite. Of course you can't see the underside of the van normally so I used the least usable colour I had - silver.

Cool huh?!

It also meant that I could spot the areas that needed to have underseal on. So tonight - on went the underseal and so there was no excuse, the wheels had to come down!

I also managed to fit the new/old bunks for the kids. These being original ones solve the problem of the kids being to big to fit through the tiny gap between them. They aren't rectangular, they are trapezoidal.

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Blimey Rupert that's a big word for 10:59pm on a Wednesday night!

Lillie passed her MOT with flying colours yesterday, hooray! That damm O/D is still kicking out when the engine warms up. I'm running out of ideas.....

Speak soon, Ruairidh.