Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cut a dash

Dare I say that spring is on its way? Every time over the past few months when I've thought that, a new, thick layer of snow has appeared. Never the less, I managed to get all three cars washed at the weekend, so everything is spic and span. Molly is tucked away in the garage while I wonder about the tappitty noise that is coming from the engine. The valve clearances are OK, but its still rather noisy on tick over. Suggested issues are problems with the tappits themselves, or oil starvation. Neither of which are good or easy to fix, and both of which will limit the reliability of the engine. Oh well, the spotlights look nice...

Monte Carlo rally anyone?

Now time for something with the purists might not like - indeed (although I'm not a purist) I'm not 100% sure about it. This week I've been chopping big holes in the virgin rust free steel that is Jessica's dashboard. My justification is that:
  • the panel is covered with vinyl, so if the radio is to come out then you could weld it up and no one would know
  • the radio will be easier to use (it was under the dash - near my knees)
  • having a usable radio should make the van even more fun
  • its my van so I can do what I like
So far the cutting is a pain, (very noisy) but it will soon be done. Its also a chance to sort out the radio wiring - which was always a little dodgy.

scalpel please nurse

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