Sunday, February 21, 2010

Domestic Service

Back when I lived in Manchester I used to rent a room from my friend Lee. He was (and still is) a bit of a car nut. He has a much greater throughput than me and has owned a range of exotic VW's Fiats and a Ferrari. As you can imagine moving in with him was perfect for me. Car tips, advice and free welding. It was also an eye-opener in terms of living in a classic car supportive environment. For example, by the sink there were two scrubbing brushes, one for dishes, and one for really dirty things - like light lenses. For a while he stored his brand new VW engine in the kitchen (as he didn't want to get it dirty). So I learned that kitchens (and things you find in them) have a vital role to play in the classic car hobby.

Now Molly is out of the garage and getting used on a regular basis, I can think about making her a little smarter. Last week I took a look her sun visors and realised that they were pretty filthy, so a quick rummage under the sink came up with Lidl's version of Vanish - Adritt. Oh yeah check it out!

Spick and span - before and after

So I think its time to have another rummage under the sink to see what I can find. Next week - baby wipes reviewed.

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