Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks Dad!

Today my Dad played a blinder. You see my brother is taking on a lot of the running of the family bussiness these days, giving Dad the freedom to take time off when he likes. And today was one of those days. On a whim (and because my eBay junk was cluttering up his storage area) he drove up to Scotland and delivered our new/old trailer. The wiring even works (now I have finally finished the socket on the van)
Its a lovely old trailer with wooden construction (kinda heavy!) and natty little retro features like the leaf springs (hence the positive camber on the wheels) and a very (and robust) hitch.

It needs a couple of new tyres and a rear lens changing. A new numberplate would be good and then she's good to roll. Then there is the decision whether to tidy it up and prevent the inevitable water damage, or leave it as it is and keep that lovely patina. What do you think?

In other news... I managed to have a crack at sorting the hole left by the oven. It was a case of sticking the bits I had back together, but I was left with a bit of a gap and no faux-veneer to fix it with. So out came the fablon (wood pattened sticky backed plastic) and danah! Can you see the join?

Oh and Dad managed to find a set of 3/8" UNC brass manifold nuts from stock how good is that? (thats Pugh and Sanders for you). It means I should be able to have a crack at fixing the exhaust later in the week. Thanks Dad!

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