Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well after a few false starts, it looks as though spring is here - seems a bit early, but I ain't complain'. I can tell its spring, ok there's sunshine, and animals and plants, but on big give away is the public displays of alcohol consumption across the Lothains. The beer gardens are full, the off licences are doing a roaring trade and there is at least one sunburnt gentleman with a can of Strongbow on the train.

The there are some telltale signs in our house too. All the windows get flung open and the Mrs gets some spring cleaning done, the kids go a little bonkers and want to run around all over the place, and I can even be found pottering around the garden too, having a crack at growing some veggies.

The real sign that spring is here (sorry Bill) is my neeeed to drive around in old cars. I don't know what it is. It could be the improved weather making it a much more pratical proposition, but I like to think it has something to do with the smell of the old upholstry in the spring warmth. It could be the way rattly old engines' performance improves in the cool spring evenings. But I think its really down to the way that old cars (those designed before pedestrian safety and aerodynamics made all cars look the same) look so lovely in the setting springtime sun.

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DJ said...

Hey, c'mon, gotta clean the house some time....