Sunday, March 15, 2009

Falling in love again

After a rather hectic week last week, things are calming down a little. I have managed to get a few things under control in the dayjob - now I can get on with the stuff I was supposed to be doing. I managed to fail my motorbike theory test - 100% in the questions, but I messed up the hazard perception. I appear to spot non-existent hazards, thereby rendering the answers to some of my questions invalid - boo. Nevermind I'll have another crack in a few weeks.

So last week's Commering resulted in a fitted gearbox, a checked over fuel pump and a general tidy (its amazing how quickly a little van can get filled with rubbish). So all that remained was a test drive. And of course I wasn't looking forward to that.

So what I needed was the cheery disposition of little Megan to spur me on to have a go and see whats what. The only thing to be done then was a trip to Tesco for a bag of sweets and a fuel fill up. And the prognosis was....

Good! Jessica performed wonderfullly in and out of overdrive smoothly and gears staying where they are supposed to! There's a misfire at high revs though which needs to be sorted out, but at least now I can have a little more confidence and some other get things sorted before the big meet in the midlands!


wibble puppy said...

Brilliant :D Well done - great to get a top result from all that hard work.

Rupert said...

Thankyou Wibble Puppy, its a great weight off my mind I can tell you. Saying that I've only proven that she worked for about 30 minutes driving. I need to build up confidence before we head off for any big weekends away. That said, having a moving van means that I can get some work done on Molly and hopefilly get her along with you and Alex