Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The big todo list

I'm a little stressed at the moment. Lots of things on you see. First there is work, jolly busy as usual (thats fine, I like it busy), then there's the motorbike test, scary - theory test tomorrow! and finally (but not finally if you know what I mean) I need (want) to get the van back on the road and properly shaken down so we can take her to the Commer Van Fan spring meet. Its all the way down south (well in the midlands - the village I grew up in to be precise - how did that happen I wonder?!)
So of course, there's a todo list to get on with and here it is:
  • finish the gearbox (kinda important)
  • make sure the alternator is on properly (that one snuck up on me)
  • check that that fuel pump is ok (might be the starting problem?)
  • tidy up the interior
  • fit a leisure battery and 12v system
  • tidy up the back cupboard
  • fix the rear indicator / towbar wiring
  • make and fit the new curtains

I think its all do-able I do have a month (exactly) to get it all sorted, saying that though I'm sure there will be more.

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