Sunday, March 29, 2009

tick tick tick....

Time is ticking away and there is lots to be done... What am I banging on about? Well easter weekend is the Commer Van Fan meet in the midlands and Jessica is not ready yet.

There are a few things outstanding which - today - would mean that we can't go. These are,
the exhaust down pipe, the clutch slave cylinder and the starting problem.

Now all these things are under control (if not addressed). A new exhaust downpipe and clutch slave cylinder are on order from Martin. These should be arriving at the beginning of next week.

Then there is the starting problem. This has been niggling for a while now, but its now really bad. With the battery fully charged, and the engine cold, she won't start. She'll crank and crank all day and eventually - if you're lucky - kicks to life. Martin already sorted me out with a new starter motor which is really good, but the problem was still there. So today I decided to get the battery checked out. It turned out that it was fine (a shame as that would have been a relativley easy fix). So this afternoon I took the opertunity to remove clean and replace the starter solenoid - the only part left in the system. I took it slowly and methodically and filed all the contacts to make sure they were ok. And hey presto she burst into life at the first turn of the key - I'll try again tomorrow to be sure.

Then there is the rest of the stuff to be getting on with -and of course we'll need a good shakedown run, or two. Will there be time?...

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