Sunday, January 20, 2008

We're on a roll! After the success of yesterday's painting (kinda) I decided I'd have another go today.

First I had to move Mol to the other side of the garage, then I could flat down the dribbly bits and dust, and then do lots of masking, the kids helped and Moo was particularly good at holding the paper and taping down. Rory just got confused with the masking tape.

Anyway once everything was masked, I banished the kids and got on with the cleaning.
I learned from yesterdays tragic events and blew down all the mucky corners (A,B and C pillars) and vacuumed everything too.

I decided to use the big gun today which turned out to be a lot better and meant I didn't need to keep refilling all the time!

I've just popped in for a cuppa so its time to go and see what's what...


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