Saturday, January 26, 2008

So while the garage dries and the paint sets its probably time to get the todo list updated...

  • flat the paint
  • install the fuel tank
  • install the towbar
  • install towbar electrics
  • fit the wings x2
  • refit the rear door
  • add lots and lots of soundproofing
  • lots and lots and lots of rustproofing
  • carpets in
  • seats in
  • dash bits in
  • bonnet on
  • replace the loom
  • get the engine running
  • stick the back bumper on
there are also a few things which need to be painted ...
  • both drivers side doors
  • rear wing
  • the other spat
  • the driver side gutter (once some sealant is in it!)
  • the rear bumper
  • the boot again...
and there are obviously a few things to buy
  • headlining
  • light switch (the other one fell apart on removal!)
  • interior rear arch covers
  • windscreen rubbers
and some nice to haves!
  • a cover (probably a very good idea!)
  • white wall tyre trims (always wanted some of them!)
  • a trailer for camping trips and rallys
so near and yet so far!

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