Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Brake Broke

So today I was geared up to bleed the brakes. I went off to Halfords to get the bleeder, had everything layed out ready to go. Last thing was to run round and loosen off each of the bleed nipples to make sure they were free.

You can guess what is coming next can't you. Yup, the bleed nipple snapped off. Bum.

So its a quick trip to the East Sussex Minors website for the required parts - and a bunch of spare spares, for next time (oh and there will be a next time). As I was unwilling to waste the rest of the evening a couple of other things got sorted, and of course I found a few more things to do.
  • sill trims
  • tighten up the wing bolts
  • finish the seatbelts
  • a bit of a cleanup underneath and some underseal
  • fit the towbar
  • bleed the brakes
  • tighten the seat bolts (a little easier said than done)
  • sort the front light wiring (again)
The wiring is a bit of a sore point. I am going to get a new loom, but I was wanting to wait until after the MOT. I'll just need to have a fiddle under the bonnet before the test.

On a more positive note, it looks as though the brake fluid leak was just down to a loose bleed nipple (I didn't tighten it up when I swapped the cylinder).

Getting there!

And thanks to Ruairdh for the offer of the EZBleed adaptor!

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