Thursday, June 11, 2009

The fastest morris minor ...

... parts. I order the brake parts I needed for Molly late on Tuesday night, and they arrived today! Now that is service. East Sussex Minors (and their superb website) saved the day. Whenever I talk to people about old cars, they usually say something about "can you get the parts?" well this just goes to show you can - and quickly too.

Sometimes parts just look too shiny and nice to fit! I also got myself some brake adjuster hole plugs. Completely unnecessary but hey its all in with the postage...

So all in all, anothe good nights work. That MOT could be happening any time!

So the todo list looks like this:
  • sill trims
  • tighten up the wing bolts
  • finish the seatbelts
  • a bit of a cleanup underneath and some underseal
  • fit the towbar
  • bleed the brakes
  • sort the passenger door catch (it suddenly stopped closing properly)
  • check over the lighting circuits.
Sooo excited!

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Alex Holden said...

Watch out for the brake adjuster plugs. You can only fit the wheel one way round or they get pushed inside the drum (there is an indentation in the wheel pressing for them). Even if you remember to put the wheel on right they sometimes fall inside anyway. I stopped fitting them after shredding a couple that way.