Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big Day out

To celebrate the raft of MOTs we scored yesterday, we decided to go to the Bo'ness railway where they were having a Mixed Traffic Gala. We had an open invitation from bmc_ecosse on the Morris Minor forum, so as it is Father's day and I can do what I want - steam trains and classic cars were the order of the day!

So the only thing to decide was which classic car to take (some dilemas are a good thing). It came down to Megan being a massive fan of cycling, so Jessica was today's vehicle of choice , bikes chucked in the back and off we went!

The weather stayed fine so after the bike ride, it was time to catch the train.

gorgeous wood paneled coach

...pulled by a stinky old diesel - actually I quite like it

is that Thomas? No its not (acording to the lawyers)

Jessica snuggles up to another 70's icon

beautiful Austin
I used to have one of them... well an Austin 1300 version

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rupert, Congrats on getting your girls to pass the MOT well done Molly looks really good. Always liked the colour yellow. It looks that you really have had a very happy fathers day. Thats what its all about. Hoping you will have a great holliday, looking forward to seeing all of you on your return.
love Ella