Thursday, June 25, 2009

Molly Jolly

As you may know, the fleet scored a full set of MOTs at the weekend. Jessica (the Commer) was immediately pressed in to service at the Bo'ness Steam Railway. Given the choice I would have taken Molly - this isn't you know...

However being off the road for around 4 years, I really wanted to build up some confidence first (and of course the bikes might have been a problem). So Megan and I went for a little blast on Sunday night. Oh boy, what a fantastic ride that was! A little noisy (was it always?) but I had forgotten what the engine was like. Nipping through the gears pushing on the accelerator, and she pulled and pulled, very responsive and willing to move. Hitting the bends, the anti-roll bar kicked in, flattening it out, while the telescopic shocks gently smoothed out the bumps and lumps.

All in all, it was just as much fun as I remember - if not more!

So, after that little blast, I wanted more (who wouldn't). But of course the problem was - when. Well, the opportunity presented itself today - a trip to work. The furthest she's been in the last 4 years is the 3 mile blast on Sunday. So, with trepidation I set off early this morning down the back roads on the 24 mile trip to Edinburgh.

We made it intact - my nerves were a little frayed but we got there. So on the way back I decided a little photo shoot was in order.


Anonymous said...

Rupert she looks lovely you,ve done
a very nice job there congratulations.
Out of interest with all them yellow
lines about where did you park your

Rupert said...

Thats in Edinburgh's "New Town". I walk past those lanes every day thinking "Molly would look good parked there..."

I was right!