Saturday, June 13, 2009

Its a family affair

Another sunny Lothian weekend started with thick black clouds on the horizon, which put of any ideas of a long cycle ride on hold. So it was an opportunity for a spot of pottering (I like to potter you know). After a little gardening I took a sneaky peak at Molly to find this...

No not brake fluid - oil. Bum. So it was time to fit a new seal. Now, after many years of Morris minoring I have come to expect this kind of thing, so I had a seal in stock!

I was a Scout you know...

That meant it was time to rope in my little helper to get the half shaft out, replace the seal and put it back in.

Just before I put the wheel on I remembered to check the handbrake adjustment, but it wouldn't adjust - seized cylinder. Bum. Fortunately, last time I had to deal with a seized cylinder, I cleverly ordered two (see I have done this before!).

With that lot together again, it was time to enlist my little helper once more for some pedal pumping. Unfortunately it was a little boring for him and he kept getting distracted, so his big sister stepped in to finish the job.

Finally, Razor7 was interested in finding out how a front bunk in a Commer PB goes together, so I had to find out myself. The brackets went on really easily, I just need to sew the bunk itself now.

either goes with everything, or clashes with everything...

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