Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today I washed the cars

All three of them...

Megan got her way and we spend a lovely few hours riding our bikes in the Almond vale country park on the banks of the river Almond in and around Livingston. We were expecting rain, but as I had failed to organise the bike ride yesterday - it had to be today. We were very pleasantly surprised and the rain held off.
On our return I was inspired to wash the cars as a) they were all movable b) they were all very grubby and c) Molly has not been washed for literally years.

spic and span

less grubby

Of course you can guess what happened next... yeah that rain arrived. In the middle of the leathering process. I must admit I did feel a little daft leathering cars in the rain (and indeed thunder) but you guys out there in Readerland need some pictures of clean cars once in a while don't you?

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