Friday, June 19, 2009


Molly and Jessica are having their MOTs tomorrow. This week has been a blur of Ministry prep at little yellow towers. I'm not looking for a pair of passes or anything crazy like that, but I'm not up for any big surprises.
Jessica has had a good going over, the screen wash has been topped up, the brake lights have been looked at (and tweeked). All in all she's not looking too bad (please ignore the gaffer tape)

Molly on the other hand is a completly different kettle of fish (or wonderful box of emotive sounds and smells depending on your viewpoint).

As you know the brakes have had a good going over and lots of general putting together and sorting. The one thing I'm not happy with however is the wiring. For a 47 year old car she's doing very well, but lets face it, its expecting a lot for it all to work after all the love and abuse she's had over the years. The major problem is the corrosion of the wires. It seems to spread throughout the loom and make any kind of repair a real pain. The stuff just can't be soldered to and large chunks of wiring is simply too short now.

Last night I went round all the lights and checked them over. The rear offside light was tweaked (bad earth) and the front offside got a coat of looking at. And thats where the problems got a little worse. The black wires in the front side light / indicator are pretty nasty. Tonights effort was in getting decent connection (and I think its just about there) but having indicators on and the headlights without the engine running still causes a few problems. I wonder how the test is done?

Oh and earlier in the week I checked over the wipers and washers and found the wipers were good, but the washers weren't happening. So after a little investigation I discovered a distinct lack of tubing between the pump and the jets - oops! So a quick click on the ESM website and some tubing and other bits were speeding to the rescue ,good old ESM. Now we have working washers - phew.

So, 2 MOTs tomorrow - fingers crossed please readers.

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