Sunday, June 07, 2009

one up one down

Good progress here today. Jessica got some attention today and the engine got started! Yay! The exhaust/manifold combo seems to be gas tight, so after a little more fiddling we could be looking at a go at an MOT.

Molly got some attention too. All four wheels were put up in the air and the seatbelt bolts were tightened up. I also popped on the sill trims (but they're going to need some more tweeking)
the todo list is like this:
  • sill trims
  • finish tighten up the wing bolts
  • finish the seatbelts
  • a bit of a cleanup underneath and some underseal
  • fit the towbar
  • bleed the brakes (and sort the rear nearside corner)
then we could be looking at another MOT!

time to fit the towbar, so I can stop falling over it!

Oh and we have a new addition to the fleet ;o)

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