Monday, May 04, 2009

One step forwards and eight back...

I managed to get a few cheeky hours in on the van yesterday. The ongoing challenges which are between her and the MOT are:

  • front step and drivers side door
  • the inlet manifold
  • some rust at the rear corner
  • other things I'm sure I've not found yet
I've made a lot of progress on the first two. The door has been whittled to a rough shape and squirted with filler and a spodge of paint - and I can honestly say it is apalling... (you can't tell by the photos...)

I managed to get the manifolds off to sort the blowing exhaust manifold gasket. That was a bit of a pig to do. The carb, exhaust and starter had to come off too. Along with the starter motor. I finally managed it without snapping any studs/bolts (yay!), but I discovered that there was a small crack in one side of the exhaust manifold.

After dropping the whole assembly (the best way to test things I find) it snapped. It looks as though it was ready to go - and to be honest I'm rather it did it now than having to do it all over again.

The manifold of horrors also showed up this:

The studs are quite well mangled, this is what has been eating my 3/8" BSF manifold nuts....

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