Monday, May 04, 2009

Bank holidays,

British bank holidays are superb. They are an institution. As a nation we feel the need to toddle off round the country and do stuff....

Now we at littleyellow towers like to join in and keep this going. This weekend we went off to North Berwick for a random holiday.

Friday night was a quiet affair with the now traditional friday night fish and chips for tea - rather good.

On the Saturday morning we bagged North Berwick Law , the kids had us up at 5:30 so we were up and down the law by 10:00 am!

We were off to the seaside for kite flying in the late morning and the new kites seemed well suited to the west Lothian westerlies.

In the afternoon we met up with Megan's friend (and her parents) and Megan's friends dad showed off his 2 line stunt kite - a bit of a hand full, followed by a good few hours bothering the aquatic wildlife with 99p fishing nets.

We headed home on the Sunday, but decided to pop into Longniddry bents, which appears to be the place to be if you're a kite surfer. So we took the opportunity to crack out the box kite.

And of course, the wildlife got bothered by those 99p nets again...

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