Friday, April 24, 2009

its all about scale...

repair work on the door has moved along nicely - still plenty to do though..

In other news, I won a bench drill on ebay at a good price. Can anyone spot the slight problem?

Yes - its massive! Infact its so big, I can't fit it on the bench. It would hit the roof! Saying that there are worse things that could happen though. I am just going to have to get a bigger workshop now!
In other news, Jessica got herself a set of halogen headlights. Can you tell?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rupert,

looks like you have been as busy as ever. Took the plunge last week after a frustrating trip in Yorkshire with no overdrive and removed said item to be completely restored by OD Spares. It was returned within days and I fitted it back on Saturday. No test drive yet but am really keeping my fingers crossed as this was an expensive option!

Speak sooon,