Monday, April 13, 2009

Picking up the pieces

After the big Commer weekend, tonight it was time to work out what to do next. Well Jessica won the Commer Van Fan distance award (again!) and narrowly missed out on the Shed award (due to there being no trophy!) so I have been inspired (again!) to do some prettificaiton.

Before that though there is the little matter of the MOT. There were a few advisories last year which didn't get any attention so they need to get sorted and a couple of other wooly bits that need sorting too. So tonight it was all change at little yellow towers. Molly has now made it to the front of the drive so she can get some attention (the brakes need sorting - as I found out!). And Jessica had her driver's door removed in rediness for the door step and door repair.

Molly takes poll position

Jessica pretends to have sliding doors

Wooly door bottoms

free screwdriver!

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