Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One man credit crunch buster

I have been doing my bit to combat the credit crunch. I have helping out small bussinesses, individuals and doing my bit for the environment. How? I hear you say!

Well I've been purchasing stuff (getting the cash flowing therefore fixing the credit crunch), preparing for holidays in the UK (sorting out that there global warming), recycling in the shape of classic cars (most of the carbon comes from the manufacture you know) and finally having a crack at reducing our carbon footprint when we do go on holiday.

First the recycling. Molly is getting frigteningly close to the road (lets not mention the broken van in the way). The horn and interior light work now. As do the indicators and all the lights. The new tyres are going on and the things to do now (that I know of) are the screen rubber filler strip and the rear brake pipe.

The purchasing has mostly been van related (with a few bargin CDs for re-living my childhood). First there is the trailer. She's an eBay beaut. And retro to the max, featuring wooden sides, steel leaf springs (?!!) and a rather natty hitch (may be an imperial size though?!). The plan for this is to allow us to pull the awning and luggage when we are off in the van, making the whole experience more pleasurable and tidy.

Then there is the fuel efficiency, the the standard stromberg carb on the commer is very thirsty and the existing inlet manifold is very restrictive, so CommerRacer kindly knocked me up this little darling. Designed for an SU carb and ported a little to help things breath a bit easier.

modified inlet manifold

Of course there had to be carb to go with it.

HIF44 - Fast Mini or efficent Commer?

Meanwhile, my father-in-law has knocked up a pair of bunk brackets so I can fit the new (old) bunks - thanks Richard!

And hopefully I'll be off to see Ruairdh and have a nosey around his van this weekend. The plan is to learn how the overdrive system goes together - I might get to drool over an Austin7 or 2 as well.

Finally, the machining work should be done on the gearbox conversion part soon so I can get on with the dreaded gearbox (and I'll be able to sleep at night again!)

Busy busy busy - I'll beat that credit crunch yet!

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