Thursday, January 29, 2009

I say, I say I say....

What do you call a gearbox with no gears?


a box! HA!

No not very funny really, but seriously I need to know so I can sell mine on eBay.

Its all the spare bits of gearbox I have lying around, bolted together to help me test the new gearbox mount. Lots lighter than a full box.

And the holes line up too!

So once I had the mount fitting, I decided to put the spare overdrive on the end. It all looks nice, like its supposed to be there. I was a bit worried about the handbrake linkage being in the way, but no the gods of Rootes were smiling. The speedo cable is long enough too so I'm extra happy - one less thing to worry about.

However its not all good news, the propshaft, which I rather rashly had shortened on the strength of the (wrong) overdrive/gearbox adaptor length, is too short - there's a surprise.

On the electrical side, I had another crack at rigging up a dummy electrical system. First I had a go at the simple configuration - the one without the self-canceling switch - and that was fine. So the relay works OK. Back to the drawing board and the large pile of manuals then...

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