Sunday, January 18, 2009

'boxing clever

Weekends are all about the family. So lots of chasing kids, having meals together and going out swimming. And to be honest those are my favourite things in the world. Playing with old cars however does come close, but it is rare that I decide to forego the family in favour of my dirty little pass time. However this weekend was different. Round at Ruairdh's yesterday got me all inspired, so once tea had been consumed, the kids were in bed and the Mrs was ensconced in front of the Antiques Roadshow, I nipped out to the garage.

Now there is one thing I have to do, the thing that is keeping me awake, the thing I kinda wish I had never started, dear Reader you know what it is. The GEARBOX.

Well tonight, bullets were bitten, and I jumped in feet first.

The first job was to clean off the remaining parts, then rummage though the bits and put together some sub assemblies. Those being the mainshaft and the lay shaft.

Well the main shaft was the biggest worry, keeping things clean, drifting the synchro mechanisms on without a press and doing up the big nut without a big enough socket. However with a little imitative, some bravery and lots of blind faith, I got cracking.

Going together. One cog at a time...

Layshaft and main shaft back together

Once Commer gearbox kit

Scrap layshaft (from the dead gearbox) glad I found that one!

Oh yeah and we watched the World's Fastest Indian last night. What a superb film! Loads of retro car action, salt flat racing and superb acting. Apparently its a chick flick for blokes....

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