Saturday, January 17, 2009

Overdrive Reconnaissance

Operation overdrive is well underway and the secret to any successful mission is intelligence and training. Well this operation is no different. I've been using all the information streams available to me, the manuals, the forum of fun and the Internet. The one thing I hadn't actually done was had nosey round a real van with the a real live overdrive.

So in stepped Ruairdh with a kind offer of a look round his highwayman. I popped round this morning armed with my camera and got loads of useful info.

Unfortunately his overdrive wasn't working properly so the opportunity arose to actually play with the system and work out what was going wrong. It turned out to be a failed solenoid which was easily swapped over and a quick test run showed a great improvement.

The highwayman has had a lot work done on it and is really tidy, it has a Hillman hunter/Humber scepter engine and gearbox fitted (with overdrive obviously). It also has an SU carb fitted so it was a good opportunity to find out what needle is used (AAA it turns out).

SU carb conversion

tidy highwayman with extra modified bunk space!

After we got the overdrive working and tested, it was time for a bit more fun. We went for a quick blast in Monty the Austin 7.

Of course Monty isn't the only Austin 7 there....

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