Thursday, January 22, 2009


guess what I've got... go on guess....

Yeah its a Commer PB gearbox, with an overdrive stuck on the end of it! The overdrive is mocked up at the moment (no gaskets etc.), but all the bits fit together - hoorah!

I fitted the overdrive lockout switch too, nice bit of bling...

The next think do do is sort out a mount. I've been doing some sketches and taking some measurements, and it looks like it shouldn't be too tricky. Stick to imperial measurements and I shouldn't go to far wrong.

Davinci -ish

And I even have the raw materials in stock (am I a proper amature engineer or what?!)

materials in stock

Finally (tonight was a busy night....) I put Molly's brakes back on and replaced the rear brake pipe - the one that got squashed.

brake pipes shouldn't be like that...

Busy busy busy!

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