Monday, January 19, 2009

tippy toe tippy toe

Easy does it... The geabox rebuild continued today. Little baby steps. Not rushing anything. All by the book.

The laygear went into the bottom of the gearbox. The main shaft went in (along with the first gear and its baulk ring). Then the bearings went into the end of the input shaft (turns out the bent bit I got machined doesn't have the bearings on it... meh...). Input shaft was gasketed up and bolted down. Then the (bloody) layshaft was pushed through. Finally, the big nut on the rear end of the mainshaft was done up.

Thats it so far. No pictures - I was concentrating too much!

To do? Tighten and lock the big nut, selectors and shafts, top cover/selecter. Then its time for the bell housing and the overdrive itself.

One thing I haven't got round to yet is the mount (pretty important!) But I have a plan.

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