Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wing Whim

Things have been going ballistic at work recently, so garaging has been a rare event over the past week or so. The reason is that the software I have been working on had a little meltdown so I have been putting it back together again. Oddly enough I have rather enjoyed the late nights, the stress and the general hectic lifestyle. It means that the team I work with has gelled a little more. The down side of course is that I have been missing the family quite a bit, but tonight I made a special effort to to get back at a decent hour as today was Rory's first day at Nursery. He had a great time and can't wait to get back to it on Monday!

Once the kids were bathed and bedded, I had an unexpected chance to pop into the garage for a couple of hours. I did actually find myself wondering what to do, but that didn't last long, so I took Molly's rear wing off and threw some paint at it. I'm not very good at painting, the wing is fiberglass and in really bad condition so I'm not expecting much. And I was right. Another don't stand too close paint job from me...

Of course she has an MOT and is drivable, I need to get her back together as soon as possible!

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