Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Todo posts aren't really that exciting for you out there in readerland - I know and I'm sorry. Saying that, they are good for me, they mean I can plan the things I'm going to do when I get home from work.

Molly -
  • paint the rear wing (suspiciously hidden from most pictures...)
  • stone chip the rear inner wings
  • fix the drivers side window (it won't go down)
  • flat all paint, polish and touchup
  • wiring for the towbar
  • take a look at the tappits (quite noisy!)
  • replace the loom
  • front panel
  • pass door
  • rear offside corner
  • side skirt
  • rear door

  • varnish interior
  • replace the floor tiles
  • move the batteries and gas bottles (so I can fit a proper fridge)
I'm sure there is lots more, but it'll probably be a long cold winter so plenty of time to get cracking. Thing is I don't really want to take either of them off the road - so its a case of slow and steady - step by step.

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