Saturday, August 01, 2009


We got a chance to put up the new (to us) awning today. And boy oh boy its huge!

Rory (for scale) and a slightly wonky awning

It has a nice little inner tent (for the Mrs who don't do campervan sleeping) and looks big enough to be very comfortable. It is also pretty straight forward to put up but took a little while what with it being so big. Rory has taken it upon himself to be in charge of taking the pegs out.

no Rory don't take that peg out!.. oh.

I also had a little play with the trailer. Jessica managed to pull it quite easily. In fact I can't even see it out of the back window! I had a go at reversing and that is quite hard... I also plan to be able to tow it with Molly too, so I mocked it up to to make sure its the right height you understand...
looking good to me...

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