Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tip Raiders!

I've spent the last few weeks sorting out the trailer. It was in need of a few more licks of varnish on the cover, a look at the electrics and a tweak on the wheel bearings. It seems to be in fine fettle now.

As I had my woodworking head on, I took another look at the door cupboards and gave them a coat or two of appropriate coloured varnish. Not looking too bad even if I do say so myself. The veneer is quite badly damaged in places, but I'm not after a perfect finish (I never am!) just a bit of a tart up so they are more robust.

Of course it was time to test the trailer in anger. What should the first trip be? A camping holiday in the mountains? A cycling trip by the seaside? Nope... a few trips to the tip (sorry - recycling centre) were in order. The opportunity presented itself with the autumn shed clean out. We have two sheds which have collected a lot of detritus over the years, and mice. A days work generated two trailer loads and a van load of stuff. The trailer performed really well, and the van pulled it like it wasn't there. So well in fact that I had to stop once to check it was still there! (I can't see it from the rear view mirror).

While I was doing the last trip to the tip, I found this.

A 50's/60's trunk. Now I know I was supposed to be getting rid of stuff, but it does look nice doesn't it?

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my friend has a small trailer which he struggled to see when on the car. His solution was to fit a flag on a long pole to it!